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Glass Screens and Mirrors in Carson City, Nevada

Gaint wall of glass.

Professional Window Screen Repairs and Replacements

Do you wish you could let in refreshing breezes into your home, but you keep your windows shut because they are missing their screens? Have you installed a custom-designed window and can’t find a screen that will fit them correctly? Look no further than Nevada Glass Service.

Custom-Made Window and Door Screens

In addition to our custom window design and installation services, we also fabricate and provide custom screens for your windows and doors. Screens make the inside of your home or business more cheerful, fresh and connected to your surroundings while protecting you against insect or pest intrusions.

Making Your Interior Comfortable and Healthy

Screens also allow you to reduce your energy bills by relying on cooler air from the outside to make indoor temperatures comfortable. Moreover, they make your interior spaces healthier by letting outside air clear out buildups of allergens, bacteria, aerosol residue, pet dander and other harmful contaminants.

High-Quality Mirror Installations

Mirrors are a time-tested interior decorating accent that adds luxury to any space. They not only make rooms seem larger, but they also make interior spaces more welcoming and bright. By maximizing the available lighting, there is no better way to create a cheerful mood than with custom mirrors.

Added Security

If you manage a retail location, mirrors also increase your ability to monitor shoppers’ behavior and prevent shoplifting. Even installing well-placed mirrors will deter would-be thieves by increasing the chance of their being seen by others.

Personal Appearance Made Easy

Conveniently placed mirrors also make your personal appearance and hygiene easier. Instead of visiting the bathroom, you can take a quick glance at your mouth after a meal or touch up your hair and makeup if needed when guests are present and you prefer not to excuse yourself.